Monday, January 4, 2010

In Advance

So I ship out on Friday night. Due to the spherical nature of the earth, my six hour flight to Heathrow will cost me a deposit of an additional five hours, meaning that I leave at 8:20PM and arrive at 7:40AM the next day. Then I grab my bags, wiggle through immigration, and take another flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh. Here's what I know:

I'm staying in Sciennes 1, flat 3, room 3. Pronounced "sheens", Sciennes is a neighborhood just south of Edinburgh center, separated from it by East Meadow Park.

I'm living with three other people. I don't know their names.

I'm taking three classes (the normal course load at Edinburgh), namely: Lexical Semantics (linguistics), Figurative Language (linguistics), and Knowledge and Reality (philosophy, specifically epistemology).

I will be eating free pizza at a welcoming party for international students. Some things, I guess, don't change.

To come: everything else.

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  1. Whoa, Lee, I didn't know you were in Edinburgh this semester too! I am so out of the Hampshire loop. (In case you're wondering, I discovered this blog through some diligent Ariane-stalking.)

    Well, here's some Edinburgh advice: in case you weren't already aware, Cockburn Street is totally not pronounced COCKburn; it's CO-burn (I find this extremely disappointing).

    Have fun!